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Space Police is a series of science fiction brickfilms that was produced by David Pagano and The LEGO Group to promote the 2009 LEGO theme Space Police III. The series follows the Space Police in their attempts to catch the criminal members of the Black Hole Gang. The six installments in the series were in production from October 2008 to July 2009,[1] and were initially released on the LEGO website between May 2009 and November 2009.[2] The series as a whole was nominated for one award in the 2009 Bricks in Motion Awards, in the short-lived category of Best Series.


  • Log 02: The Chase (2009)
    Following the capture of one of the Skull Twins, the other twin pursues the Space Police cruiser.[4]


  • David Pagano - Design, Storyboards, Animation, Compositing
  • Keith Malone - Writer
  • Steve Stein - Music
  • Roger Cameron - Art director
  • Scott Decoteau - Visual effects
  • Steve Witt - Voice-over

Other releases[]

  • LEGO Space Police test animation (2008)
    Test animation that David Pagano was requested to create for a potential series, using prototype Space Police minifigures.