Space Adventure
Henchmen aboard a space station
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Directed by
Christian Stage
  • Science fiction
  • Action
Running time
Language English

Space Adventure is a 1989 sci-fi action brickfilm by Christian Stage. It was filmed in Norway and shot on Super 8 film, with all effects being achieved in-camera. Pre-production took place in 1983, the production occurred from 1984 to 1988, and the post-production was done in 1989.

Upon completing the film, Stage created a preliminary soundtrack, and began sending the film to European TV stations and to The LEGO Group, to see if anyone was interested in doing anything with it. LEGO declined, with their stated reason being that it was too violent. The Children's Channel UK took interest, and created a new, more professional soundtrack. They added new voice acting, and allowed Stage to choose the music. The film was aired on The Children's Channel, and later also on SVT in Sweden and NRK in Norway.[1]

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References Edit

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