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The Space, Time, and Reality Contest was a brickfilming contest hosted by Philip Heinrich in 2009 on Bricks in Motion. It was the first major official Bricks in Motion competition and the second overall following the Technical Excellence Competition. It was the spiritual successor to the summer contests that previously took place on, with the last one having been the Friendships and Rivalries Contest in 2008. It was followed by the Avant-Garde Contest, which began later in 2009 and continued into 2010.


The theme of Space, Time, and Reality, or STAR, was conceived by Graeme Allen.[1] Allen had previously suggested a variant of this theme, Space and Time, or SAT, as a potential theme for the 2008 official competition.[2]

The STAR contest was announced on April 13 2009 with a deadline of July 26.[1] The theme was intended to be open-ended. It was noted that entries did not have to be science-fiction films or involve space. The minimum time limit for entries was 2 minutes. There was no maximum time limit. No copyrighted content was permitted for use in entries. Entries were required to be submitted in avi, wmv or mov formats.


The logo of Bricks in Motion Live, which the STAR premiere was billed as the first installment of.

The contest received 23 entries. Films entered were not to be made public immediately after the deadline. Instead, they would be premiered 12 hours after the deadline in a live online event, the STAR Premiere, spread across Vimeo and IRC.[3] This was also where the winner of the STAR Trailer Contest was announced. This event was billed as the first installment of "Bricks in Motion Live" (The second installment was the results chat for the 2008 Bricks in Motion Awards[4]). Entries were permitted to be publicly released after this event. The final results of the contest were announced on August 15, 2009, first in live chat and then on the forum.[5]

List of all entries:

Film Name Director
Airtight Tyler "Bluebrick Studios" Brown
At the Touch of a Button Jesse "Bastetta" Manschot
CYCLIC David Boddy
Clic Clac "timfee"
Crisis Reverted "Ancient Bricks" and Patrick W. Crawford
Death's Carriage Nick "Nichartri" Kosovich
Desk Time Travel Timothy Ratner
ExTerrestrial Ash "Fatal Extraction" Davies
Fight Joshua "BombShell" West
The Illusion of Reality Alexander "Mutuceba" Mutuc
Mind Control Leftfield Studios
ONE Martin Palacios
The River "Night Owl"
Streets of Legorado Ezra "Gospelnut" Graham
Through the Years Tanner Musyj
Time Stijn Heirstrate
Time Chasers Casey "cwr89" Ryan
Time Police Knut "the frozen brick" Ørke
Time Tour X "EHMovies"
Time and Space Sean Willets
The Traveler X "snapfilmproductions"
Unreal Cell Jon Rolph
The Year 2139 Davy "GoofySkull" Matthijssen

Judging and prizes[]

The contest was judged by a panel of judges in the categories of Story with a weight of 30%, Theme at 20% and Presentation at 50%. The judging panel consisted of Philip Heinrich, Randy Yard, Keshen Matus and Chris Salt.[5]

Prizes were given for the top three. A prize pool format was not used. The prize for first place, donated by Evan Linsey, was 9247 Community Workers (2006). The prize for second place was 852331 Vintage Minifigure Collection Volume 1 and 852535 Vintage Minifigure Collection Volume 2 and the prize for third place was 7009 The Final Joust and 7040 Dwarves Mine Defender.[1]


Top 10[]

Place Film Name Director
1. The River "Night Owl"
2. CYCLIC David Boddy
3. Crisis Reverted "Ancient Bricks" & Patrick W. Crawford
4. Time and Space Sean Willets
5. ExTerrestrial Ash "Fatal Extraction" Davies
6. Mind Control Leftfield Studios
7. Clic Clac "timfee"
8. Through the Years Tanner Musyj
9. Time Police Knut "the frozen brick" Ørke
10. Time Stijn Heirstrate

Trailer Contest[]

Like several official contests, a trailer contest was held alongside the main STAR contest. The trailer contest was announced on July 2, 2009 with entries to be submitted between July 17 and July 19.[6] The winner was Knut Ørke. The prize was a Bricks in Motion t-shirt.


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