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Sounds Like Trouble is a 2016 sci-fi brickfilm by Nate Swihart.[1] It follows a robot that gets itself into danger while exploring a spaceship. It was created for the Sight & Sound Contest on Bricks in Motion and won second place.[2]


A robot, Zeke, is on a spaceship searching for its missing wheel. It enters a room and spots the wheel sitting atop a large control panel. While reaching for the wheel, Zeke accidentally leans on a button which unlocks a cage in the room. The cage door is burst off the cage by an alien creature inside, and it leaps towards Zeke, hitting the control panel.

The wheel is knocked off the control panel and Zeke reattaches it, but the control panel catches fire, causing an airlock to open. Zeke manages to grab hold of a pipe as everything else in the room is sucked out the airlock, including the alien creature. The fire dies down and the airlock closes, but all the commotion attracts the attention of a human passenger who arrives and asks Zeke to explain itself.[1]


  • Nate Swihart - Director, Composer, Character design
  • Justin Driggs - Character design
  • Paul Taylor - Special thanks
  • Micah Swihart - Special thanks[3]


Swihart originally planned to produce a longer film for the Sight & Sound Contest called Resonant Frequency. The script for this film was completed, but it was not produced due to scheduling issues with voice actors and the realization that the film was too large in scope to finish in time for the contest. Swihart instead took some of the characters that had been designed for Resonant Frequency and created a different film around them, featuring almost no voice acting. Following the release of Sounds Like Trouble, Resonant Frequency resumed production.[4]