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Solitary is a series of Star Wars brickfilms created by Milo Price. It follows a clone trooper who becomes stranded following a ship crash. It stars Brent Mardon as the clone trooper CT-5225 and Gareth Pugh as Moff Jerjerrod, and also features effects work by Pugh.

Solitary was originally envisioned as one single film shorter than what it eventually ended up as, but became a multi-part series as a result of Price damaging his equipment partway through production and deciding to release the amount he had filmed while waiting for repairs.[1] Films in the series were intended to be kept short in order to be released regularly,[2] but became longer and more spread out in release as the series went on.[3] All 10 parts were edited together into a full film which was released in 2011 and is currently only available on Dailymotion, as the YouTube upload has since been blocked for copyright.[4]