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Sola Luna is a 2015 drama brickfilm by "rioforce". It is about a chance meeting between two lonely astronauts on Earth's Moon.[1] It was created for the 2015 Darkness and Light Contest and ultimately won first place.[2]


A male astronaut is stationed at a remote Moon outpost. He is apparently lonely and stares longingly back at Earth as he goes about his daily mundane life at the base. Meanwhile, a female astronaut stranded elsewhere on the Moon is working to build a transmitter from the wreckage of her downed spacecraft.

As the male astronaut sits alone in his moon base at night, he intercepts a signal from the stranded female astronaut's makeshift transmitter and the two engage in an inaudible but apparently eager conversation.Unfortunately, the happy moment is cut short when a meteorite impact destroys the transmitter, cutting off the female astronaut's video feed and rendering her unconscious. Startled, the male astronaut leaves his base in a distressed state of mind. He eventually happens to stumble upon the wreckage of the female astronaut's ship. After locating the wounded and unconscious astronaut, he takes her back to his base and administers medical attention. She eventually regains consciousness and the two hold hands.[1]



Sola Luna was nominated for multiple categories in both the 2015 Bricks in Motion Awards and Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival, including Best Film in each.[3] In Les Brickstars 2015, Sola Luna placed in four categories, placing first in Best Cinematography.[4]

Year Competition Category Result
2015 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Film Nominated
Best Sound Design Nominated
Best Original Score Nominated
Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival Best Brickfilm of Festival Nominated
Best Screenplay Nominated
Best Sound Effects Nominated
Best Music Score Nominated
Les Brickstars Best Animation Third place
Best Sound Second place
Best Cinematography First place
Best Brickfilm Third place