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Social Experiment is a 2008 comedy horror brickfilm by Zach Macias.[1] It is the seventh film in the Ben and Andy series and follows the two as they try to determine what type of music makes for a scarier scene.[2] It was an entry into the second Brickfilming Halloween Competition and placed second.[3]


Ben and Andy introduce an experiment they will be conducting. The purpose of the experiment is to find out what kind of music better sets the tone for a scary scene: low- or high-pitched music. They introduce someone they think is their friend Michael, who will be playing the scary character in the scene, and the experiment begins. The first trial consists of Ben picking up a glass of coffee when the scary character shows up behind him, queuing low pitched, foreboding music. The second trial shows the same clip, but this time with high-pitched music.

The two are reflecting on how the different music tracks compare when their friend Michael walks in. He apologizes for being late and explains that he could not find his Halloween mask. Whoever was playing the scary character in the scene is now gone, and a foreboding combination of low- and high-pitched music begins to play.[2]


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