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Skate is a 2007 skateboarding brickfilm by Anders Engström and Jacob Gustin of Team Ayayo.[1][2] It is about a boy who finds a skateboard and tries to learn how to use it.[3] On January 19, 2009, it was chosen to be featured on the front page of YouTube,[4] at a time when featured videos were manually selected by staff.


A boy goes out one day, and notices a pile of skateboard parts on the street. He takes the parts home and repairs the skateboard back to working order. He tries to use it, but finds it hard to balance on. He gets going, but soon crashes.

The boy daydreams about performing jumps and tricks with the skateboard. He creates a makeshift ramp and skates up it, but is sent flying off the board. He stands up and falls onto the board, which takes off. The boy begins to find his footing and skates around town. He arrives at the indoor skate park and performs tricks, but this comes to an abrupt halt when he falls on a rail and gets nutted.[3]


  • Anders "Plusl" Engström - Director
  • Jacob "Yacke95" Gustin - Director
  • Erik "PooRoth" - Help
  • "Ruffyz0r" - LEGO