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Sinfonia VI is a 2015 brickfilm by Malibu Taetz and Thomas Panio.[1] It is set to the piece of music "Sinfonia VI: The Four Elements" by Timothy Broege, and features a different animated vignette for each of the four movements of the piece.[2] It was commissioned by the Kelowna City Concert Band, to serve as a visualization for the music when played.


  • Malibu Taetz - Animator
  • Thomas Panio - Animator
  • Conner Gibbs - Cathedral model

Festival information[]

Sinfonia VI was part of the official selection at StopTrik International Film Festival 2015, Los Angeles Cinefest 2015, NFFTY 2016, and Albuquerque Film & Music Experience 2016.[3] It was also a finalist in Cine Brick 2015.[4]