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The Silent Contest, also referred to as Contest Without Voices, Concours Sans Voix, and Without Voices Contest, is a brickfilming competition held officially by Brick à Brack and which has run twice, in 2018 and 2020. The goal of the contest is to create a brickfilm featuring no dialogue.

Contest Without Voices[]


Shh ! - Without Voices Contest

The English version of the announcement

The Contest Without Voices was announced on Brick à Brack by Théo Aron on April 30, 2018;[1] just three days after the results of the eighth 8x8x8 were released. Aron also created a brickfilm to announce the contest and explain some of the rules, with versions in both French and English. Spoken words were not allowed, and the only titles allowed were the title of the film at the start and the credits at the end. Subtitles and vocals in music were also not allowed. Sound effects, instrumental music, and non-verbal vocal sounds were allowed. The deadline was June 17. The contest received 40 accepted entries,[2] but one was deleted before the judging took place, which left 39 eligible entries.[3]

The jury consisted of "Bapt90", Théo Aron, "Max_LG", "Weasel"/"Ozone Studios", "YanleJedi", and Maxime Baconnais. Results were released on July 5, 2018.

Prizes were provided by The LEGO Group, via Brick à Brack's status as a Recognized LEGO Online Community. They consisted of 21310 Old Fishing Store for first place, 42077 Rally Car for second place, 10715 Bricks on a Roll for third place, 31075 Outback Adventures for fourth place, and 41598 The Flash for fifth place.[4]


Top 10 Show full results
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Place Film Name Director
1. Dog "Dalholtern"
2. Loneliness Mathieu Blangy
3. Whitecap Aaron Williams
4. Run For Your Life Costin Modoianu
5. SOLD "Legotwins ANIMATIONS"
6. Guerilla "bricktoto 125"
7. Bored Johnathan Rabon
8. Just Music Seza Tiara Selen
9. DEAF Lainie May
10. Dishonored Chris Major
11. Modern Times "Brick Broadcasting"
12. Cookie Heist Caleb "BeatupBricks Productions" Huizinga
13. BLACKTRON: UPRISING Bruse "NoPatricioNo" Caruso
14. GONK: A Jawa's Story Joshua Nelson
15. Plage Isolée Sam "littlefroggy7" Hyde
16. Lucky Coin Amari "Amari Studios" Pavati
17. Interrogation "Raytistic"
18. STONE The Four Monkeys
19. - INTRUSION - "Volrog"
20. LEGO Bank Heist "TBB Animations"
21. iBOT "Frosty"
22. Le Duel "guts24"
23. Magic Bricks "Kubrique"
24. Légitime Défense "Lego Production"
25. The Perfect Robbery Philippe "Brickfilms Production" Grodet
26. Why Didn't Luke Use The Force? "GrandviewWorkshop"
27. The story of the world "AwesomepantsFilms"
28. POURSUITE ! "Doctor Brick"
29. Tour Eiffel "Pain d'epice"
30. The Washing Machine "TheCrosyfilm"
31. Jawa's Christmas "LeKaribouProd"
32. Le charmeur de serpent "Frizo Officiel"
33. the Max Tears Great Escape : the Getaway, Prélude "BrickOnStage"
34. spiderman vs scorpion "LG Cinema Family"
35. Les aventures de Spider man #1: les origines "Future Bricks"
36. Dobby and the Hiccups "Isaac The Animator"
37. Charlie Chaplin and Police "NikkiRatProductions"
38. The Clothing Shop "Tilou"
39. Brickfilm #Sans voix "Aminix"

Silent Contest 2020[]

The second edition of the contest, the Silent Contest 2020, was announced on Brick à Brack by Théo Aron on March 13, 2020, with the same concept and guidelines as the first.[5] The deadline was April 26, and the contest received 63 accepted entries.[6][7]

The jury consisted of "Ferdinand", Kristóf Fekete-Kovács, Théo Aron, "Bapt90", and "Slash brick Production". The results were released on May 10, 2020.

The prizes consisted of the LEGO sets 21320 Dinosaur Fossils for first place, 31105 Townhouse Toy Store for second place, 70429 El Fuego's Stunt Plane for third place, 76895 Ferrari F8 Tributo for fourth place, and 40436 Lucky Cat for fifth place.[8] There was also a collector series minifigure given to a random person outside of the top 5.


Top 10 Show full results
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Place Film Name Director
1. The End is extremely fucking nigh "bricktoto 125"
2. LEGO Conan le Barbare Stéphane Triquoit
3. Tranqu'île Romain Justens
4. Classic Space Adventures Chapter 1 Stuart Nelson and Keith Nelson
5. LEGO Stick Figure Break-In Seza Tiara Selen
6. COVID-19 : Patient zero "Luca'nimation Studio"
7. GONK 2: An Ewok Adventure Joshua Nelson
8. Purged 2 The Four Monkeys
9. Homer en Rambo contre les zombies "Lego simpson"
10. A Medieval Murder Mystery "Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms"
11. A LEGO Space Odyssey X "Hippie8 Studios"
12. Sombre meurtre "Lego Brick"
13. Man's Best Friend "Kerloft"
14. Don't Go Slow-Mo Daniel Cloward
15. Murder "The Little Brick"
16. BEST Thing To Do In Quarantine At Home Harald Müller
17. A Gift Gone Wrong "Barrista Flicks"
18. Black & White Épisode 1: Don Léonardo "DiabloBrickStudio"
19. L'attente au sommet Eugénie Cheron
20. Jedi Cowboys "Bros with da Legos"
21. Un brickfilmeur confiné "Zacharia Production Studio"
23. Seul l'Amour peut me Sauver ! "TheCrosyfilm"
25. Life of Terror X Nick "BrickTective Productions" / "OneDouglas" Douglas
26. Chase "SHERUBRICK products"
27. La nuit silencieuse et horrifique "Legogamer.QR"
28. Abzzz Clément Persicot
29. Grand prix du feu rouge ! "StudioBob"
30. Une idée renversante "rbcaad"
32. Re-Incarnation Hans Präßler
33. DEAL Romain Fleck
34. CHARLIE CHAPLIN LES TEMPS MODERNES "titi le brickfilmeur"
35. Hulk vs Ironman ! "Future Bricks"
36. La banane "Kalian"
37. Le grand blue "Leahabricot"
38. Sous un ciel étoilé... "MOI30540"
39. Drama "Mister Courgette"
40. Peaceful X "CildolenBricks"
41. Operation: Mute "minideliciouspant"
42. JOKER - Confined in Cell ""
43. Boucherie sanzot "Ellego"
44. La glace "CamilleG"
45. Un simple brickfilm mais pas que... "Lego abd"
46. Capitaine Wood "Marig0te"
47. 🔥camping🔥 "The old stormtrooper"
48. LEGO Porsche Moritz "Kante Film" Storck and Rainer Storck
49. L' attaque du Temple "Thoms bricks"
50. Unknown X Unknown
51. {Chut} "Yukuzumi"
52. L'aqua-robot "Tobiko"
53. Le Doc "Brothers in Arms"
54. Le langage des armes "Yans Aphira"
55. lego Gym fail "fox-motion"
56. Sam et le Sorcier "Acknologia"
57. Unknown X Unknown
58. Les montagnes russes des pirates "Lego French Animation"
59. Spider-Man: Dream it possible "Filoustar"
60. La voiture de spider man "Mikâ_le LEGO"
61. Unknown X Unknown
62. dark vs lloyd X "Ninja Studio 3"
63. Une journée à Lego City "Stan Motion"


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