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Signs of Life is a 2006 music video action brickfilm by Jason Boyle that follows a woman and a man fighting undead skeletons. It was Boyle's first brickfilm at 15fps.[1] It was created for the Nadine and Charlie Music Video Competition and won the grand prize.[2] The main characters returned in Lonesome Heroes, which won the following year's edition of the same contest.


A grassy area is strewn with skeletons holding weapons, some of whom are in pirate garb in a rowboat. Nearby, a woman on the ground wakes up and walks towards the skeletons. The pirate skeletons come to life, and the woman picks up a spear. A battle ensues, and the woman manages to defeat the three skeletons. She picks up a gun and heads for a building.

A man inside the building wakes up and a skeleton guard approaches. The man grabs a sword and defeats the guard, before the woman enters. Two caskets in the room open, revealing a vampire and a mummy who begin to get up. The man beheads the vampire and the woman shoots the mummy, and then the man and woman embrace.[1]