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Sheep (French: Moutons) is a 2017 brickfilm by Maxime Marion based on LEGO designs by Kloou. It follows a sheep who finds a top hat and decides to wear it, but the herd don't like it as it doesn't fit in with what's fashionable.[1] It debuted at Cine Brick in Portugal on June 11 2017, where it won the top prize. It was later screened at the French LEGO exhibition Fana'briques 2017 on all three days from June 30 to July 2 before being released online on July 3.[2] Also at Fana'briques, Maxime Marion participated in the collaborative brickfilm Intoxication Hallumentaire, which includes a brief cameo appearance of the sheep.


It's just a normal day at the farm, where a sheep munches on some grass. All of a sudden, a top hat falls from the sky, right next to him. Confused, the sheep proceeds to eat the hat, but spits it out immediately. Once he works out that it's not food, he decides to put it on his head. When he shows the rest of the herd his new hat, they all mock him.

Loud music starts to come from a large TV screen, out in the field. The herd all run towards the TV. It turns out to be an advert for blue dye, the latest fashion trend. The next morning, the sheep wearing the top hat wakes up to see the rest of the herd all have their wool dyed blue. Seeing him as the odd one out, the herd continue to mock him. Once again, the herd flock as a new advert starts to air on TV. This time, the new fashion is red baseball caps. Inevitably, the next day, the herd are all wearing red baseball caps, and continue to mock the sheep with the top hat.

The cycle continues as each new fashion trend is replaced by another one. Tired of being mocked, the sheep throws away his top hat. The next morning, the sheep wakes up to find the rest of the herd surprisingly all wearing top hats. Seeing him without one, the herd once again proceed to mock him. It turned out being different was starting to catch on, and the other sheep wanted to be individuals like him, too.


  • Kloou - Characters and set design
  • Maxime Marion - Director, Animator
  • Quentin Billard - Original music


Year Competition Category Result
2017 Cine Brick Main competition 1st place
Hopl’Awards[3] Production Audiovisuel Alsacien de l’année (public vote) Top 3
Les Brickstars Best Animation Second
Best Sound Design First
Best Set Design Second
Best Visual Effects First
Best Cinematography First
Best Brickfilm (Francophone) Third
Audience Award First
Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival Best Brickfilm of Festival Won
Best Story and Screen Play Won
Best Cinematography Won
Best Animation Nominated
Best Sound Effects Won
Best Music Score Won
BFG Member's Choice Won (tied with Unbridled Mischief)