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Sharks and Clowns is a 2012 comic fantasy brickfilm by Harrison Allen.[1][2] It is about a clown and a shark who have an argument, eventually leading to them setting up a duel.[3] It is the first brickfilm created by Allen that is set in the land of Riigo-Faloo. It was created for and won a Bricks in Motion Animation Challenge with the theme "Fencing".[4]



  • Ben Young as The narrator
  • Brandon "DarthVincentPrice" Fields as Isaac the Clown
  • Harrison Allen as Gregory McSharkyson, Additional
  • Jonni Peppers as King Bacon Jelly Pancakes the Third


  • Harrison Allen - Director, Animator, Editor, Story, Sounds, Effects
  • Wilson Allen - Additional animation
  • "Not Buying Stolen Goods" by Elisabeth Allen
  • "Delightful Dirigible" by Harrison Allen, arranged by Elisabeth Allen


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