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The Seventy-two Hour Animation Contest, commonly abbreviated to SHAC, was an annual brickfilming contest with a time limit of exactly 72 hours. Similar to the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest, the aim of the contest was to create an entire brickfilm from scratch within 72 hours. The contest was hosted by Dylan Johnson and "The Login Productions" from 2018 to 2020.


The Seventy-two Hour Animation Contest originated from a concept for another time-based brickfilming competition by Dylan Johnson. The concept, initially proposed in 2014, was for a contest in between the lengths of THAC and BRAWL, originally to take place in the fall; as their hadn't been a brickfilming contest held during those months for a few years.

Originally to be titled the "Weekend Animation Contest," or "WAM!", the title was changed after a humorous suggestion from Dylan Woodley to name the contest after Shaquille O'Neal, as the abbreviation for Seventy-Two Hour Animation Contest was SHAC; very similar to O'Neal's nickname, "Shaq."

The idea was shelved for a few years. Dylan Johnson eventually decided to bring it back after having missed THAC XV due to being on vacation, and longing for another contest to fill the void of the then discontinued EASTER Contest. The first Seventy-two Hour Animation Contest was announced with Dylan Johnson and "The Login Productions" as hosts on February 3, 2018.[1]

The first SHAC[]


The Logo used for the first SHAC

The first SHAC was held on Bricks in Motion and Brick à Brack from March 2 - 5, 2018.[2] However, the contest was extended by nearly an hour to allow for an entrant who's film had gotten stuck in rendering to still be eligible to enter.

  • Theme: Compromise
  • Color Mod: Black piece connected to a white piece
  • Letter Mod: X
  • Sound Mod: Gong Hit B

All 17 entries submitted were accepted, and they were judged through Instant Runoff Voting. Prizes were provided by Dylan Johnson, and the judges were Dylan Johnson, "The Login Productions", "One Brick Shy", Shelby Pritchard, and Nate Swihart.

A fourth, random-draw prize was announced along with the results on March 24, 2018.[3][4]

Prize Winners Show full results
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Place Film Name Director
1. No Bargain Chris Major
2. Powerless William Osborne
3. The Quarrel Concerning the Kid Mark Nelson
4. Ketchup v Mustard James Cawood
5. Halfway There Bert Loos
6. Mur Noir et Blanc Clément Persicot
7. X "Deltabrick"
8. Mission: Compromised Caleb "BeatupBricks Productions" Huizinga
9. The Coolest Samurai "CurlyNarNar"
10. Blue or Yellow "Raptor Studios"
11. LEGO Pet Shop Kristóf Fekete-Kovács
12. Compromised Aaron "Brickman" Soileau
13. Tha Fight "Jo Co"
14. Ecotallica "Shawarma Studios"
15. The SHACompromise Joshua Nelson
16. Spiderman: The Musical "Angel Hair"
17. com promise "rioforce"

SHAC 2[]

SHAC2 logo

The Logo used for SHAC 2

The SHAC contest returned the next year, and ran from March 8 - 11, 2019.[5] The contest was extended an extra hour to accommodate for Daylight Savings Time.[6] The color mod, light or dark tan brick connected to a sand-shaded brick, was found as confusing by some, and so the mod elements were considered loosely, as not to unfairly disadvantage any of the entrants.

  • Theme: Surface
  • Color Mod: Tan piece connected to a sand piece
  • Number Mod: 2
  • Sound Mod: Beast footstep

Overall, it received 25 entries, all of which were accepted. Dylan Johnson, "The Login Productions", "One Brick Shy", and Shelby Pritchard all returned as judges, with William Osborne replacing Nate Swihart as the guest judge.

Another random draw was held along with the full results announcement on March 30, 2019, won by "Blast Door Productions".[7][8]

Prize Winners Show full results
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Place Film Name Director
1. Bubble Lainie May
2. Fish Food "Shane Studios"
3. Return to the Surface Stuart Nelson and Keith Nelson
4. Bricks and Bananas David Nielsen
5. Claustrophobe on a Submarine "KobbleThePenguin"
6. lucid Joshua Nelson
7. A Strange Day at the Beach "Raptor Studios"
8. Beneath The Surface Stephan Euvrard
9. The Mayor Aaron "Brickman" Soileau
10. Gestrandet Hans Präßler
11. SURFACE John McErlean
12. Trapped Below the Surface "Last Brick Productions"
13. Bunker Boredom Nathan "END Films" Stougard
14. shaQuest for the Surface "Awesomepants"
15. The Table "Jurassic Films"
16. Shaq Gold Bond Commercial Caleb "BeatupBricks Productions" Huizinga
17. A Sympathetic Heart "Cgdude9"
18. To The Moon "Ballistic Studio"
19. Portal Trouble "Foo Films"
20. The Weird Pool "BrickAnimator 724"
21. Surface Level Problems "Innovator Studios"
22. Getting to the surface Borislav "CloudyVS" Van Son
23. To the Surface "Blast Door Productions"
24. Director's Cut "Logic Films" and "EX64"
25. sur face "rioforce"

SHAC 3[]

SHAC 3 was run by Dylan Johnson and "The Login Productions" from March 6 - 9, 2020.[9] As with the previous year, the contest was extended an hour for Daylight Savings Time. [10] The Number mod was dropped in favor of returning to using a Letter mod. The prizes were initially a sealed collectible minifigure for the top 3 and random draw, with first place receiving an additional minifig of Shaquille O'Neal.

  • Theme: Suspect
  • Color Mod: Red piece connected to another red piece
  • Letter Mod: M
  • Sound Mod: Foley glass clink

Overall, it received 11 entries, 9 of which were accepted. (1 entry was disqualified and 1 entry was submitted late). On March 21, 2020, Dylan Johnson announced the results of the contest. Because of the low amount of entries, Dylan Johnson decided to award every entrant one collectible minifig, with the top 3 and random draw winner receiving an additional extra collectible minifig to their original prize.[11] The random draw was awarded to "OneDouglas".[12]

Place Film Name Director
1. Let’s Start From the Beginning… Kristóf Fekete-Kovács
2. Footsteps "Shane Studios"
3. Knighted Knights "panoramic"
4. Brick 3004 "JO Co"
5. The Blue Cave Ninja Monster Stephan Euvrard
6. A Questionable Quest Nick "OneDouglas" Douglas
7. A Tasty Failure "BrickAnimator724"
8. Basically Lego Clue Aaron Alonso
9. Suspecting Suspects "megamovieman"

SHAC 4[]

On February 17th, 2021, Dylan Johnson announced that SHAC 4 was put on indefinite hiatus, but would possibly return "eventually."[13] However, the contest has not returned since. Dylan Johnson quietly left the community in June 2020.[14]

The SHAC4 was announced on February, 2nd, 2023[15] and will happens between March, 24th, 2023 and March, 27th, 2023[16]. For the first time in the SHAC history, registration will require a account to enter like all the / Brick à Brack contests.

  • Theme: Easter-Egg (A decorated egg as part of the Easter celebration or a secret/hidden reference)
  • Color Mod: Green piece connected to white piece
  • Letter Mod: V
  • Sound Mod: Typewriter

27 entries were done for SHAC, for a total of 41 minutes of brickfilm, and an average runtime of 1min30. It's a record in comparison to previous editions.