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For the community in-joke celebration of The Citizen of the Year, see Septemberfest

The Septemberfest Contest is a brickfilming contest coinciding with Septemberfest, run in official association with Bricks in Motion. It has been described as an "annual-when-it-suits-us" contest[1]. While not initially a Citizen of the Year-based contest, the 2015 and 2020 contest iterations were focused on the cult brickfilm that Septemberfest is based on.

Septemberfest 2010[]

In early August 2010, a vote was held on the next official Bricks in Motion contest. Members had the choice between the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest becoming official and running in August, or a themed contest lasting for the month of September. The month-long contest was selected with nearly 80% of the vote.[2] The Septemberfest 2010 contest was the result of this poll.

The Septemberfest 2010 contest was a month-long contest structured similarly to THAC or BRAWL. Other than coinciding with Septemberfest, it had no direct relation to The Citizen of the Year. It was announced as upcoming in late August, with the theme to be announced on September 1st.[3] On that date, the original announcement was edited to include the theme, which was No Dialogue.[4] Some hours after the announcement of the theme, a requirement to include a mod element in entries was introduced. This was a colour mod of yellow and red.[5] A letter mod, Q, was introduced later on request.[6]

The contest received 28 entries,[7] two of which were disqualified,[8] and it was judged by a panel consisting of Sean Warton, Philip Heinrich and Zach Macias.[9] The prizes for the top 3 were gift certificates for the Bricklink seller BrickScope, the contest's sponsor.


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Place Film Name Director
1. Bakey a Cakey! Emma Graham
2. The Magician's Hat Jack Bond
3. Small World J. "Goldencamerastudios" Sebastian
4. Mouth Loïc Fontaine-Boivin
5. Larrygitis Zach "Lamplight" Lacosse and Jonni Peppers
6. He's Late Again The Four Monkeys
7. Mosquito's Fault "AncientEngine"
8. Life Cycle Ryan "Chuppa" Wood
9. SILENCE Max Butcher
10. Around the House In 2080 Frames Ed "EddieHasscle" Boomershine
11. Grass Brian "Peanut" Ambrose
12. The Smoking Pun Jason "Darthrugg" Rugg
13. The Voice Snatcher "StudioL30"
14. The Criminal X "Ludvig"
15. Trainspotting Shannon "Cartoonkid98" Birch
16. Convicted "BWJC"
17. Jealous Much? "MartyLego"
18. The Dream X Robert "roblego2"/"RobBrick" Calvert
19. Love at First Bite X Mason "guitarhero181197" Birthisel
20. La Mime X Jacob "Hexx910" Hayre
21. Natural Rights of Man X Zach "ohlordzb" Beuckman
22. Left In Chains X "Ganoman_433"
23. That Girl X Jacob "Hexx910" Hayre
24. Verlorenen Gegenstand Thomas "krakovibrick man" Krakoviak
25. Short Fight X "TrekMB"
26. Serial Killer Ben "legostudiosplus" Vomastek

Septemberfest: The Citizen of the Year LIVES[]

The Septemberfest contest was revived for Septemberfest 2015. Unlike the 2010 contest, the 2015 contest did relate directly to The Citizen of the Year. A teaser for the contest was released on August 27, revealing the title as The Citizen of the Year LIVES contest.[10] The full contest announcement was posted on September 1.[1] The aim of the contest was to set a film in the “The Citizen of the Year Cinematic Universe”. It ran until October 31st, receiving 8 entries, a playlist of which may be viewed here. It was judged by Philip Heinrich, David Pagano, Dave Pickett, Sean Warton and Nathan Wells.

Each of the top three winners received a LEGO trophy model and a handful of LEGO parrots. Additionally, 1st place won 31026 Bike Shop & Café, 2nd place 31025 Mountain Hut and 3rd place 31035 Beach Hut. These three prizes reference a joke about the size of one's house in The Citizen of the Year. Entries placing down to 10th (including the top 3) won a LEGO trash can model and a handful of LEGO parrots.

An additional side contest was announced on September 10, the ten-year anniversary of Scott Dombert's first post in The Citizen of the Year release thread. This was an art contest, which called for entrants to produce an artwork of any variety inspired by The Citizen of the Year.[11] The deadline of the art contest was September 30. It received 4 entries[12] and was judged by Sean Warton. The first place prize was a yellow LEGO trash can model and a handful of LEGO parrots. Other entrants received the normal grey version.

List of all entries:

Film Name Director
Abduction of the Year The Four Monkeys
Case of the Year Rafael Figueroa
Citizen of the Century "BrickBrosProductions"
The Citizen Of The Year 2074 "Smocktopus"
The Old And The Homeless Johnathan Rabon
Parrots in Space Seán Willis and Brian Willis
The Perks of Being The Citizen of the Year Al Nickels
(un)denial "rioforce"

The winning entry to the art contest


  1. (un)denial by "rioforce"
  2. Case of the Year by Rafael Figueroa
  3. Citizen of the Century by "BrickBrosProductions"

The winner of the art contest was Garry Moore.[12]

Septemberfest 2020[]

The Septemberfest contest was once again revived for Septemberfest 2020, this time hosted by "rioforce", the winner of the previous Septemberfest contest. A teaser for the contest was posted on August 22, revealing that in the vein of the previous Septemberfest Contest, it was directly tied into the cult classic brickfilm The Citizen of the Year.[13] The full contest announcement was posted on September 1.[14] The prompt/theme of the animation contest, sharing the film's title, is "The Citizen of the Year". It ran until October 31.

The top three winners entered a prize pool of three prize bundles: 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander and 40341-1: Sea Accessories, 21321 International Space Station and 40309 Xtra Food Accessories, and a 60230 City People Pack - Space Research and Development and 40313 Xtra Bicycles. All 3 winners also received a Dustbin Parrots Vinyl Sticker and three LEGO parrots in a trash can. Septemberfest 2020 is the first official Bricks in Motion contest with prizes sponsored by the LEGO Ambassador Network.

A side contest was announced alongside the main animation contest, which is a photography contest with the theme/prompt "What do you want?" (a line of dialogue from The Citizen of the Year.)[15] Both the animation and photography contests were judged by a panel comprised of "rioforce", Matthew Kimball, Walter Benson, and Rachel Dew.

List of all entries:

Film Name Director
Battle For The Citizen Of The Year Award "Dredgen_39"
A Big Bag of Cash "2x4 Studios"
Bürger des Jahres "AoWGamer"
The Citizen of the Kane James Morr
The Citizen of the Year: Exposed


The Employee of the Month "Andrew Bermudez"
The Heist of the Year "BRICKABASH"
The Interview Jacob Crow
The Last Red Parrot "JO Co"
Mister Balser's Neighborhood Gregory Moore and Garry Moore
Officer of the Year "K Fulmer"
Pablo of the Year "Wammy"
Parrot in a Trash Can "The Useless R5 Unit"
Plunkville: The Re-Release of the Year Bubba Smith
Police State Positivity Kenton Hooper
A Stranger at the Station "Unroyalty"


  1. Mister Balser's Neighborhood by Gregory Moore and Garry Moore
  2. The Last Red Parrot by "JO Co"
  3. The Citizen of the Kane by James Morr
  4. The Interview by Jacob Crow
  5. The Citizen of the Year: Exposed by AwesomepantsFilms
  6. Police State Positivity by Aroben
  7. Bürger des Jahres by AoW-Gamer
  8. Pablo of the Year by "Wammy"
  9. The Employee of the Month by Andrew Bermudez
  10. Stranger at the Station by Unroyalty

The Septemberfest 2020 photography contest received 14 entries, with three winners and one honorable mention named.[16]

Photography Contest Results[]

  1. Company by "Wammy"
  2. Noise Complaint at the Royal Hotel by "JO Co"
  3. A Simple Life by Porg Studios
  4. I'd Like to Show Him Up at His Own Game by Zach Macias (Honorable mention)

All Photo Contest entries can be viewed here.


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