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Seppo: the Smoke-Gubbe is a 2005 docufiction brickfilm by HOViNET team.[1] It is an anti-smoking film about a man named Seppo who is addicted to cigarettes.[2] It was an entry to Assembly 2005, and it placed sixth in the Short Film category.[3][4]


Seppo Suomela is a man who has been smoking since he was a teenager, as a result of peer pressure. Seppo's friend who has always refused to smoke is concerned about the amount Seppo is smoking. Seppo begins to have health problems and visits the doctor, who warns him of the multitude of diseases that smoking can bring on. Seppo is frightened and throws away his cigarettes. Later, Seppo has severe nicotine cravings and gives in, going out to buy more cigarettes.

Eventually, Seppo goes to the doctor and is told that he has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. He is fitted with a portable oxygen concentrator to help him breathe. It is not long before Seppo dies from diseases caused by smoking. Seppo's friend leaves flowers on his grave.[2]


  • Matti Kortelainen - Animator
  • Janne Kortelainen - Story, Camera, Set design, Editor
  • Mikko Kortelainen - Set design, Editor
  • Markku Siermala - Music
  • Ötysiini-yhtye - Additional music
  • Dr. Anne Laatikainen - Medical information