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Seeing Red is a 2004 action drama brickfilm by Brendan Henry.[1][2] It follows a man who pursues his kidnapped adopted daughter.[3] It was an entry to the High Adventure Theatre Contest on and placed seventh overall. It is a mostly black and white film, with only red colorized. The film was shot in color and most of the shots had all but red desaturated in Adobe Premiere. Some shots were filmed with only red and grayscale bricks, and not altered. The working title of the film was When.[4]


While on a job, a man sees his partner in crime, Nigel, get shot. Based on a pact they had made, he adopts Nigel's daughter. Ten years later, he is still grieving Nigel's death. The man's butler, Jeeves, accompanies the girl out of the house.

The man finds a letter from Jeeves explaining that his daughter has been "re-housed" and that the "new parents" offer her return in exchange for four million dollars. At night, the man receives a phone call telling him to bring the money to the abandoned warehouse on the main street in Dixon. The man loads up on guns and takes a bike to Dixon. He enters the warehouse and shoots his way through henchmen. He enters a room and finds the girl dead. He sees Nigel, who it turns out did not die. Nigel shoots the man.[3]