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See No Evil is a 2005 comedy brickfilm by Nate Burr and the sixteenth film in the Steve and Dave series. It follows Steve and Dave experiencing a power cut in Dave's parents' house and attempting to get the lights back on.[1]

Notably, the majority of the film is seen through one shot of the outside of the house while the voices of Steve and Dave are heard from inside, with most of the animation coming from the passing traffic. This method allowed the film to be released just one day after the previous entry in the series, All Hallows Steve.[2]


In Dave's parents' house, Dave panics because he thinks he has gone blind, but Steve informs him that the power has gone out. Dave carries on believing himself to be blind while Steve finds that Dave's parents do not possess any alternative light sources.

When Dave finally accepts that it is just a power cut, he wonders how he will find Grumpy Monkey (from Grumpy Monkey), whom he had been trying to chase out of the basement after Grumpy Monkey learned of Dave's dad's monkey porn collection. Dave realises that he caused the power cut when he hit the fuse box by accident in the commotion, and tries to solve the problem by jiggling the circuit breakers. He is electrecuted and launched out onto the road, where it is left unclear whether he is alive or dead.[1]


See No Evil was originally envisioned as the first part of a trilogy,[3] and is the first Steve and Dave film to end on a cliffhanger. The storyline was continued in Hear No Evil in 2006, but the final installment of the trilogy, named as Speak No Evil,[4] was never released, and Hear No Evil became the final film to feature Steve and Dave.

Award Nominations[]

Burr was nominated for Best Voice Actor in the 2005 BAMPAs for his performance as Steve in See No Evil.[5]


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