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Security Nights is a 2004 action-comedy brickfilm by Richard "Count Orlock" Chavez.[1] It is about a security man who has some fantastical encounters while on the job.[2] It was an entry to the High Adventure Theatre Contest on A special edition with new animation, visual effects and voice acting was nearing completion in 2005 but was lost when Chavez's computer had to be reformatted.[3]

The film the security man watches on TV is Chavez's first brickfilm, Crash & Die.


A security man arrives to watch a building overnight. He begins to feel tired, and tries watching TV to stay awake. 15 minutes later, he is asleep when a giant plant monster comes crashing through the wall. It picks up the security man and tries to eat him.

The man wakes up, realizing he had been dreaming. He decides to go walk sound rounds outside. He begins to see someone running around, and all the lights go out. The man sees a group of samurai and when he points his flashlight at them sees that they are undead skeletons. A battle ensues and the man manages to defeat all the skeletons until the final one, who hurls him up in the air and sends him careening towards the ground.

The security man wakes up on a bench outdoors. He decides to go for a drive before the boss arrives in one hour. The road is suddenly blocked by bandits in large vehicles, who then chase after the man. When the man eventually manages to lose them all, he wakes up once again. He realizes he has crashed his car into his boss's car, and his boss fires him.[2]


  • Richard Chavez as Security Man, Drano
  • "LawDog" as Boss


  • Richard Chavez - Director, Writer, Producer
  • "Lorax" - Executive producer, Production assistance, Special thanks
  • "Rman" - Original score, Special thanks
  • "LawDog" - Special thanks
  • "Rebel One" - Special thanks
  • "Omega" - Special thanks
  • "Molotov" - Special thanks