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Sebastian Dohnal is a Czech brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for brickfilms based on Xena: Warrior Princess, The Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars, particularly XENA: Temple Of The Dragon God.


Year Title Notes
2013 Lord Of The Rings:The Battle Of Rivendell
2013 The Lord Of The Rings:The Battle Of Caredhas
2013 The Lord Of The Rings:The Battle Of Iron Mountains
2013 Xena: Warrion Princess
2013 The Lord of the rings:New Years of Midle-earth
2014 Hobbit and Lord of the rings: Gollum's song
2014 GAGAndalf
2014 The Lord of the Rings:The Battle Of Haradwaith
2014 Hobbit: I see fire
2014 The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey: Cough kills
2014 The Lord of the Rings : Stupid day
2014 The Hobbit : How Thranduil came to the scar.
2014 The Hobbit: Scary Smaug
2014 The Lord of the Rings: Across the Moria
2014 Hobbit: Money,money,money
2014 New world
2014 Game of Legos Intro
2014 Hobbit: Kili and Tauriel
2014 Hobbit: Battle in Dol guldur
2014 Lord of the rings: Gondorians riders and Osgiliath
2014 Lord of the rings: Pipins song
2014 Hobbit: White council
2014 The Hobbit: Orcs´ love
2014 The Painter
2014 Unthinkable ride
2014 Fat Ninja
2014 Bridge adventurer
2014 100 subscribers.
2014 Balrog ice buket challenge
2014 Blacksmith adventure
2014 Peter Jackson Halloween
2014 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug-Extended Edition
2014 LOTR The Return of the King - Extended Edition - The Corsairs of Umbar
2014 The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armie
2014 Nightmare of Mirkwood
2014 Council in rivendell
2014 The Hobbit: I hate Spoilers
2014 Hobbit in LEGO cinema
2014 The Last Centurion Official Trailer
2014 Jokes of Middle-earth
2014 New Year in Middle-earth
2015 Gandalf travels
2015 Thranduil: King of the elves
2015 Gandalf,where he went?
2015 Thranduil and Legolas - Deleted scene
2015 Gandalf and Galadriel
2015 "Iam not alone"
2015 LEGO Movie - Stepping on Legos
2015 "Princess and Frog" (The Fairytale kingdom- Episode 1)
2015 "Rescue" (The Fairytale kingdom- Episode 2)
2015 Bilbo, Gollum and Ring
2015 "Tell my wife" (The Fairytale kingdom- Episode 3)
2015 The Bikers
2015 The little parody 3
2015 Game of Legos
2015 School love
2015 "Fishing"- The pirate story (The Fairytale kingdom- Episode 4)
2015 "Beware of the Yeti" (The Fairytale kingdom- Episode 5)
2015 The little parody 2
2015 "The Bad guys" (The Fairytale kingdom- Episode 6)
2015 "Stupid day" (The Fairytale kingdom- Episode 7)
2015 "Funeral" (The Fairytale kingdom- Episode 8)
2015 "The ComeonMan"- real superhero
2015 The little parody 1
2015 "Robin Hood paradox" (The Fairytale Kingdom- Episode 9)
2015 "Ambush" (The Fairytale Kingdom- Episode 10)
2015 Let's Brick Together
2015 "Shooter" (The Trolltroopers- Episode I)
2015 Zombie diary- The love story
2015 A lesson in Marksmanship
2015 "Pod" (The Trolltroopers- Episode II)
2015 "Bad news" (The Trolltroopers- Episode III)
2015 "Heroes" (The British troopers- Episode 1)
2015 Mr. and Mrs. Brickerton
2015 "Welcoming" (The British troopers- Episode 2)
2015 "New land" (The British troopers- Episode 3)
2015 "Dragon Killers" (The Fairytale Kingdom- Episode 11)
2015 "Question" (The Trolltroopers- Episode IV)
2015 "Teamwork"- LEGO Avengers
2015 Les Misérables- The Confrontation
2015 Not so fast!
2015 "Na trávě v lese" - Naber dech Official music video
2015 The Second eye
2015 Dwarfs password
2015 Chrismas in Middle-earth
2015 "Imperial's New Year" (The Trolltroopers- Episode V)
2016 "Little Red Riding Hood" (The Fairytale kingdom- Episode 12)
2016 Mr. Tumnus song- The Chronicles of Narnia
2016 "Deadly weapons" (The Trolltroopers- Episode VI)
2016 The little brown Yeti
2016 "Made in China" (The Fairytale kingdom- Episode 13)
2016 "Welcome to hell" (The Fairytale kingdom- Episode 14)
2016 Patrolmen: a Discworld movie - Official Trailer #1
2016 TV Hero
2016 "Wizard's castle" (The Fairytale kingdom- Episode 15)
2016 The Tonight Show with Conan O'Bricken Celebrity Short Animation Contest entry
2016 Xena: Warrior Princess
2016 Hocus Pocus
2016 "Amorous moment" (The Fairytale kingdom- Episode 16)
2016 "Heart of a princess" (The Fairytale kingdom- Episode 17)
2016 Batman- Accidental Villain LEGO Batman Movie Brick Films contest entry
2016 Batman and his bat love LEGO Batman Movie Brick Films contest entry
2017 Fallout & Donald Trump
2017 Trouble with Gandalf's fireworks
2017 "The Empire is still dumb" (The Trolltroopers- Episode V)
2017 "Failed joke" (The Fairytale kingdom- Episode 18)
2017 XENA: Temple Of The Dragon God
2017 Bricky Brick® Commercial Animation Career Review[2] 2017 "Make a Commercial" Short Animation Contest Best Stop Motion winner
2018 Obi-Wan Will Survive!
2018 Mr.Bean - In the Zoo
2018 Star Wars: Naděje Impéria
2019 Assassin's Creed