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Sean Warton is an Australian brickfilmer.[1] He has placed in the top ten of multiple Twenty-four Hour Animation Contests, initially with the musical brickfilms No Crawme's Sing Along THAC, No Crawme Steals Christmas, and Turning, and later via co-productions with Thomas Evans, Squeeb and (Never) Meant to Be.[2] He was also the host of the first two Septemberfest contests on Bricks in Motion.


Year Title Notes
2008 Bananaphone in LEGO!
2008 Assassin
2008 An Unlikely Hero Built By Me Movie Contest entry
2010 Late for Work Unfinished
2010 Happy Birthday Josh - LEGO Go Karts
2010 Life Lesson
2010 The Beast Late Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 8 film
2012 Brickfilming is Just Awesome Community project coordinated by Harry Bossert
2012 Brickfilms, Dear Viewer
2012 No Crawme's Sing Along THAC Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest X ninth place entry
2013 The Dark Bat Rides An Elevator
2013 No Crawme Steals Christmas Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 11 third place winner
2014 Secrets
2014 Batman and Friends: The Clock Tower Caper Co-production with Sean Willets
Commissioned by Elliot Lewis
2015 Turning Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XII sixth place entry
2015 Septemberfest Teaser: TCOTY LIVES Septemberfest: The Citizen of the Year LIVES Contest announcement
2016 Squeeb Co-production with Thomas Evans
Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XIII fourth place entry
2017 (Never) Meant to Be Co-production with Thomas Evans
Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XIV first place winner