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The Scary Contest was a brickfilming competition held officially by Brick à Brack in 2019, around the time of Halloween.


The Scary Contest was announced on Brick à Brack by Théo Aron on October 8, 2019. Entries were required to have a horror element and be 20 seconds minimum. The deadline was November 24, 2019, and the contest received 43 eligible entries.[1][2]

The jury consisted of "La Production Givrée", "Brothers in Arms", "Kermit", Hudson Ludy, "Ozone Studios", and "Ferdinand". Results were released on December 16, 2019.[3][4]

The prizes were provided via the LEGO Ambassador Network, and consisted of the LEGO sets 75810 The Upside Down for first place, 70424 Ghost Train Express for second place, 70422 Shrimp Shack Attack for third place, 70420 Graveyard Mystery for fourth place, and 40351 Halloween Ghost for fifth place.[5]


Place Film Name Director
2. Cursed "bricktoto 125"
3. L'ombre du cimetière Stéphane Triquoit
4. House of Terror Seza Tiara Selen
5. JACK Théo Aron
6. ROOM 7 "Creative Motion"
7. Traqué "Gwen Movies"
8. CRASH "Brickfilms Production"
9. Knock Knock "nearyfilums"
10. Cry Joshua Nelson
11. HIT IT Sebastien Marlin
12. LEGO Halloween Kills Kristóf Fekete-Kovács
13. Die Geisterjäger Hans Präßler
14. Star Wars Eclipse I: Schatten über Kuat Jannis Osterburg
15. LEGO Monster ⚡ The Experiment "brick fun park"
16. Batman Who Laughs "LegoJangoRex"
17. LEGO Giant Zombie Apocalypse Attack - Zombie Woman Series 1 - "wayanglego"
18. WATCHED "minideliciouspant"
19. SMILE "Pomme"
20. POLTERGEIST "kreimkouk"
21. Bumps In The Night Sean Johnson
22. Pizza Monster Pt2 "AMC - Brickfilms"
23. Halloween special Marlen Krull
24. a Batman horror movie ... "Future Bricks"
25. CrocroThings Clément Persicot
26. Demain chez vous! "Nounours"
27. LEGO Halloween "The Little Brick"
28. The Killer Clown "TheCrosyfilm"
29. brickfilm horreur "Ellego"
30. Ligne B "MicMac-BrickFilm"
31. The malefic day "titi le brickfilmeur"
32. The Halloween Party "Siamsa Animations"
33. LA NUIT SERA LONGUE : Prologue "Firex Tv"
34. Le boucher! "MOI30540"
35. The S'cat-ry "Slash brick Production"
36. Rob & Donny: Horror-ble Hello The Four Monkeys
37. Dan Pants’ nightmare "AwesomepantsFilms"
38. Halloween chez Mr Pomme X "Filoustar"
39. Une nuit chez les animations Brick Brick... "LaTeamRobin"
40. LEGO Movie 2 Halloween Special Johnathan Rabon
41. The Tackling Dead "MegaMovieMan"
42. LEGO La mauvaise nuit "Le 3ème loup"
43. le cimtiere mysterieux "Waccabé boss"


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