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Sascha Kaltmann, typically known as "trycoldman23", is a German brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for various World War II brickfilms, and is also known for his LEGO Zombie series.[2] He coordinated the WW2 brickfilmer community project film LEGO WW2 Battle of Falaise which was released in 2021, after which he announced that he was going on an indefinite hiatus from brickfilming.[3]


Year Title Notes
2015 My first LEGO animation
2015 LEGO WW2: Taking the House
2015 LEGO Zombie Apocalypse Preview Trailer : Fall of humanity
2015 LEGO The Battle of Narva
2015 LEGO WW2: The Tiger of the Bulge
2015 LEGO Battle Of La Drang
2015 LEGO Left 4 Dead Parody A Bunch Of Idiots
2015 Goodbye MrPearlJack Tribute to Jack Worthington
2015 LEGO WW1 The First Wave
2015 Choosing the next video
2015 Christmas special
2016 LEGO Modern Warfare Search And Destroy
2016 LEGO Saving Private Ryan : Halftrack
2016 LEGO WW2 Battle of Iwo Jima short
2016 The battle of Stalingrad: Cut off
2016 LEGO Dinosaurs
2016 LEGO WW2 Battle of Berlin : The russians are coming
2015/6? LEGO Zombie apocalypse Old trailer
2016 LEGO 1000 subscribers special
2016 LEGO WW2 Eastern Front Animation MOC
2016 LEGO WW2 Das Boot Christmas in Italy
2016 Christmas special 2
2017 LEGO Remove Kebab : Serbia strong
2017 LEGO Zombie : Episode 1 part 1 Day Zero
2017 LEGO Race : Initial D
2017 LEGO Second Sino Japanese War Battle of Shanghai : At all cost
2017 Christmas special 3
2018 LEGO WW2 Battle of Stalingrad short
2018 LEGO Zombie Episode 2 Escape the Nightmare
2018 Christmas special 4
2019 Old LEGO WW2 Ad
2019 LEGO WW2 D-Day Battle Of Omaha Beach
2020 LEGO Zombie Episode 3 House Defense
2021 LEGO WW2 Battle of Falaise Community project coordinated by Sascha Kaltmann
2021 LEGO WW2 Battle of Caen Night Raid Unfinished
2021 LEGO Zombie Episode 4 trailer Trailer for a cancelled project