Samurai Terrorist
The samurai-ninja dispatches office security
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Directed by
Released April 15, 2011
  • Ovi Tudose
  • Dan Potovszky
  • Justin Villemure
  • Scott Betts
Action comedy
Running time
Language English

Samurai Terrorist, also known as Samurai-Ninja Terrorist, is a 2011 action comedy brickfilm by Matt Viveen. It is set in an office, in which the boss soon comes to regret not purchasing ninja insurance.[1] It was Viveen's first major brickfilm, and it was orginally created for a class project.[2] It was later entered into the Canadian animation contest TELETOON at Night Pilot Project, and became one of five finalists.[3]

The Samurai-Ninja character reappears in the 2013 film Legend of the Samurai-Ninja, and the same office setting features in the 2014 films My Ninjas at Work? and Outta' Ink Again!.

Plot Edit

Crew Edit

  • Matt Viveen - Creator
  • Ovi Tudose - Voices
  • Dan Potovszky - Voices
  • Justin Villemure - Voices
  • Scott Betts - Voices

References Edit

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