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The Sam and Stinky series is a series of brickfilms created by and starring Harry Bossert. It follows a kooky man named Sam who lives with his best friend/pet cat, Stinky. It was billed as an "anti-cliché" dynamic duo and was intended to make fun of tropes,[1] at a time when dynamic duo brickfilm series' were extremely prevalent.


Sam and Stinky Get a Kitchen (2009)[]

Sam has a kitchen built onto his one-room house, in order to cook food.

Additional cast:

  • Niall "Splash" Cameron as Delivery guy

Sam and Stinky Have a Christmas Adventure (2009)[]

Sam is taken on a journey to discover the true spirit of Christmas.[2]

Sam and Stinky Fall in Love (2011)[]

Sam stumbles his way into a relationship.[3]

Additional cast:

  • Kirstie Wood as The girl
  • Chris "Jackpody" Boddum as The waiter
  • Guss "GGSStudios" Griswold as Pedant


Sam and Stinky Fight Crime (2009)[]

An unfinished installment.