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Sam Lawlace is an American brickfilmer.[1] He is known for having created many brickfilms for The LEGO Group through Tongal, with the most prominent being It Takes a Ninja. He is also known for The Battle for Helm's Deep, Winston Churchill: Escape from Pretoria, and Ron Paul and the Federal Reserve, and he worked as an animator on Bound by Monitogo Studios.[2] From 2008 through 2011, he was mostly inactive, and occasionally released tests during this timeframe.[3][4]


As videos created for The LEGO Group usually do not include credit, it is possible there are other films by Lawlace that are not on this list.

Year Title Notes
2004 The Battle for Helm's Deep
2006 Winston Churchill: Escape from Pretoria[5] San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival 2006 Jubilee Awards Special Category—Stop Motion Animation winner[6]
2008 Ron Paul and the Federal Reserve
2011 Bridge of Khazad-Dum
2012 Truckload of Cash "LEGO City Stop Motion Project" Tongal fifth place winner[7]
2012 Why is the Coffee Gone? "LEGO City Mini Movie Animations" Tongal third place winner[8]
2013 Notes from the LEGO Tub "What Does LEGO Mean To You?" Tongal fourth place winner[9]
2013 Flight of the Bumble Thieves "LEGO City Airport and Coast Guard Video Project" Tongal fourth place winner[10]
2013 LEGO Castle - Chapter 2: The Dragon's Lair "LEGO Castle Video Project Chapter 2" Tongal winner[11]
2015 Bound Directed by Greg Tull
2015 It Takes a Ninja "LEGO Ninjago Warrior Video Project" Tongal first place winner[12]
2015 Who's In? Road To The College Football Playoff "LEGO/ESPN College Football Playoff" Tongal winner[13]
2016 Clemson vs. Alabama - College Football Playoff National Championship Commissioned by The LEGO Group and ESPN[14]
2016 The Big Wheel "LEGO Ninjago Gig Contest" Tongal winner[15]
2016 Strength to Wait Ratio Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2016 City Finals with Nya and American Ninja Warriors Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2016 Jessie Graff Takes on Vegas Finals Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2016 Be like Lloyd[16] Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2016 Master Wu’s words of wisdom Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2016 Jay and Nya American Ninja Warrior Training Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2016 Obstacle Training Home Video Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2017 Wolfpack Ninja Tour Announcement Commissioned by Wolfpack Ninjas
2017 LEGO Spider-Man "LEGO Spider-Man: Homecoming Video Project" Tongal winner[17]