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Sam Dressman, typically known as "Gregory Animations", is an American brickfilmer. He is best known for superhero parody brickfilms, including his "LEGO Spider-Man Series, LEGO Batman series, LEGO Deadpool series, and The Adventures of Aquaman series.[1]

You can read more about each project at Gregory Animations Verse


Year Title Notes
2017 LEGO Batman Villains Friday Night
2017 LEGO Batman: Robin Runs an Errand
2017 LEGO Batman vs Penguin
2017 The LEGO "Lego Batman Movie" Movie Review
2017 LEGO Batman vs Two-Face
2017 LEGO Batman vs Scarecrow
2017 LEGO Batman vs The Riddler
2017 LEGO "Logan" Movie Review
2017 LEGO Reviews: Jar-Jar arrives early
2017 LEGO Justice League Meeting
2017 LEGO "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" Review
2017 LEGO Avengers Meeting
2017 LEGO Star Wars: Han's Request
2017 LEGO Batman vs Mr. Freeze
2017 LEGO Jar-Jar's Revenge
2017 Does LEGO Batman Like Jazz?
2017 The Adventures of Aquaman I: The Shark Menace
2017 LEGO Batman: Nightwing
2017 LEGO Thor Finds Odin
2017 LEGO Batman vs The Joker
2017 LEGO Batman vs The Villains
2017 LEGO Batman: Halloween Special
2017 The Adventures of Aquaman II: Attack of the Black Manta
2017 LEGO Justice League's New Member
2017 LEGO "Justice League" Movie Review
2017 LEGO Christmas Party
2018 LEGO "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" Movie Review
2018 LEGO Three Kinds of People
2018 LEGO Batman: The Conspiracy
2018 The LEGO Fantastic Four Movie
2018 The Adventures of Aquaman III: Revenge of the Aquaman
2018 LEGO Batman's New Suit
2018 LEGO Spider-man vs The Vulture
2018 LEGO Batman vs Deathstroke
2018 The Adventures of Aquaman IV: A New Shark
2018 LEGO Cussing in Class
2018 LEGO Star Wars: Behind the Scenes
2018 LEGO "Avengers: Infinity War" Movie Review
2018 LEGO Spider-Man vs Scorpion
2018 LEGO What the F*** Robin
2018 1,000 Subscribers!!!
2018 LEGO Spider-Man vs Doc-Ock
2018 LEGO Star Wars: Han and Chewy Switch Bodies
2018 LEGO Spider-Man vs Hobgoblin
2018 LEGO Avengers Meeting 2
2018 The Adventures of Aquaman V: The Black Manta Strikes Back
2018 LEGO Spider-Man vs Mysterio
2018 LEGO Batman vs Ra's Al Ghul
2018 LEGO Spider-Man vs Green Goblin
2018 LEGO Harry Potter and the Halloween Special
2018 LEGO Spider-Man vs the Sinister Six
2018 LEGO "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" Movie Review
2018 LEGO Batman-Santa
2019 The LEGO Deadpool Movie
2019 The Groscars 2019
2019 The Adventures of Aquaman VI: Return of the Aquaman Part of Brickfilm Day 2019
2019 The LEGO Superman Movie
2019 LEGO Harry Potter and the Mystery of the Cursed Smell
2019 LEGO Batman vs The Joker 2
2019 The Adventures of Aquaman VII: The Aqualad Awakens
2019 LEGO David vs David
2019 LEGO Spider Man vs Venom
2020 LEGO Star Wars: Skywalker Family Christmas
2020 LEGO Batman Villains Meeting
2020 The Groscars 2020
2020 LEGO Star Wars: Stormtroopers Suck Part of Brickfilm Day 2020
2020 The LEGO Green Arrow Movie
2020 The Adventures of Aquaman VIII: The Last Shark
2020 LEGO Alfred Gets Corona Part of the Quarantine Daze community project coordinated by Zach Macias
2020 LEGO Indiana Jones and the Last Temple of the Lost Ark
2020 LEGO Star Wars: How to Train Your Jedi
2020 The LEGO Flash Movie
2020 LEGO Voldemort's Day Off
2020 Nice.
2020 LEGO Batman vs The Riddler 2
2020 LEGO Deadpool vs Karen
2020 The Adventures of Aquaman IX: The Rise of Black Manta
2020 LEGO Spider Man vs The Shocker
2020 LEGO Our Halloween Adventure
2020 LEGO Riddler: Into the Riddlerverse
2020 LEGO Deadpool Saves Christmas
2021 LEGO Spider Man vs The Rhino
2021 LEGO Deadpool vs Sam
2021 The Groscars 2021
2021 LEGO Batman: Batgirl
2021 LEGO Harry Potter and the Corrupt Ministry Part of Brickfilm Day 2021
2021 LEGO Scout Trooper Fired
2021 LEGO Jesus Smokes the Dope Part of The Brickers 4/20 Event 2021
2021 LEGO Starch Wars
2021 LEGO Green Lantern Corps
2021 The Borrower Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2021 entry
2021 LEGO Star Wars: Homicide Squad
2021 Aquaman likes trains…
2021 LEGO Spider Man vs Bullseye
2021 The Quest for 10k
2021 LEGO Star Wars: The Emperor Calls Tech Support
2021 LEGO Batman's New Car
2021 LEGO Halloween Party
2021 LEGO Sam's New Look
2021 LEGO A Christmas Carol Parody Part of The Brickers Christmas Event 2021
2021 The Adventures of Aquaman X: The King of Atlantis
2022 Common Assumptions Late Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 2022 film
2022 LEGO "Gregory Animations" Review
2022 LEGO Marvin the Martian vs Martian Manhunter
2022 LEGO Angel of Deaf
2022 LEGO "Spider-Man: No Way Home" Movie Review
2022 The Groscars 2022
2022 Every Episode of "The Flash" in a Nutshell
2022 LEGO Hogwarts Staff Meeting
2022 LEGO Agents: Dr. Inferno's Devious Plot Part of Brickfilm Day 2022
2022 LEGO Captain Marvel Part of The MCU in LEGO community project coordinated by "TLP Animations"
2022 LEGO "The Batman" Movie Review
2022 LEGO Batman: Robin Runs Another Errand
2022 LEGO Star Wars: Stormtroopers Suck 2
2022 Dane Cook Gets Cancer
2022 LEGO "Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore" Movie Review
2022 10k QnA and Face Reveal Announcement
2022 LEGO Captain America Calls Tech Support
2022 LEGO "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" Movie Review
2022 In a Killer's Footsteps Unfinished version entered into the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2022
2022 Open the Gate
2022 LEGO Harry Potter and the Stupid Skank
2022 LEGO Batman: Agent Interference
2022 LEGO Spider-Man vs Kingpin
2022 LEGO Harry Potter and Hagrid's Replacement
2022 LEGO Spider-Man: A Day at the Daily Bugle
2022 Santa is no Socialist Part of the Christmas Holidaze community project coordinated by "JO Co" and executive produced by Zach Macias