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This film contains content that may be considered not safe for work. Viewer discretion is advised.

Salt Lake Spaceport is a 1999 brickfilm by Kelly Jeffery and Russ Gatrell.[1] It is a loose interpretation of Star Wars and also takes influence from Stanley Kubrick films, including Eyes Wide Shut.[2] It incorporates real-life photographs of locations in Salt Lake City as some of the settings, with LEGO superimposed over them.[3]

Salt Lake Spaceport was completed on November 20, 1999 and made available to download on November 23, 1999,[4] placing it (and some of Jeffery and Gatrell's earlier works) among the earliest brickfilms shared online. At 13:38 long, it was the longest brickfilm in the original directory at the time it was first added, in early 2001.



  • George Hill as Cop
  • Deserae Jeffery as Bartender
  • Kelly Jeffery as Guy in Bar


  • Kelly Jeffery - Director, Editor, Camera operator, Animator
  • Russ Gatrell - Camera operator, Animator, Special thanks
  • Deserae Jeffery - Camera operator