Safety First
A scout trooper confronts Darth Vader
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Directed by
Peter Iwasiwka
Released July 2007
  • Comedy
  • Science fiction
Running time
Language English
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Safety First is a 2007 Star Wars brickfilm by Peter Iwasiwka. It is about two scout troopers who question Darth Vader, following his erratic driving of an AT-ST.[1] It was created in two days, with one for shooting and the other for voice-over and editing.[2] It was an entry to the LEGO Star Wars Movie Making Contest, and was the winner of the 12 and under age category. In 2009, a sequel titled Safety Second was in production, but this appears to have never been completed.

Plot Edit

Festival information Edit

In 2008, the film won second place in the student category of the Berkshire International Film Festival (BIFF).[3]

References Edit

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