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SVELT Interview is a 2009 comedy brickfilm by Dave Pickett.[1] It is the third part of Nightly News at Nine Chapter 1 - New Beginnings and follows reporter robot ROBOphelia carrying out an interview at the super villain academy SVELT to acquire details on Malifios' plan to destroy the city.[2][3] It follows the SVELT Commercial SVELT - We are Evil, which introduced SVELT.


Sherry announces that the Nightly News at Nine is now going live to Report-O-Bot-Ophelia for another take on the villain Malifios' prison breakout and vow to destroy New Block City. ROBOphelia is in the headquarters of the Super Villain Education and Leadership Teachery, or SVELT, and begins to interview Persephone Verada, one of the foremost henchbricks of SVELT. Persephone explains that as Malifios is a graduate of SVELT, they are contractually obliged to support his plans, even when he is being incompetent. She explains that Malifios' plans are often elaborate but ineffective, and recounts a number of his failed attempts to destroy the city.

ROBOphelia questions why Malifios is so intent on destroying the city, and Persephone explains that to finally obtain his supervillain's degree, Malifios must complete a task set to him by the SVELT high tribunal, which is to destroy New Block City. Persephone predicts that Malifios will not be successful in his task should he continue attempting elaborate yet impractical schemes rather than just try something simple such as blowing up the city with dynamite.[1]


  • Eric Benson as Phil Brickley
  • Stephanie Rivera as Sherry Tiles
  • Lila Pearl Shapiro as ROBOphelia!
  • Claire Gilbert as Persephone Verada
  • Dave Pickett as Malifios/Robert Vylan


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