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STEAMPUNK is a 2014 science fiction brickfilm by Shelby Pritchard.[1] It is about an oligarchical empire, The Black Coal Corporation, as they attempt to retrieve sensitive information with the power to bring them down that has been stolen by a group called STEAM (Superior Tacticians Exterminating Allied Monopolies).[2] It was in production for close to a year.



  • Carl Ferber as Mr. Big Hat
  • Harrison Allen as Squishy, Tophat
  • Jared "JediKnight1997" Kuss as Pilot
  • Mary Charles as Red Shirted Lady
  • Dylan "Dyland" Johnson as Captain
  • Richard "MouseDroid" Fong as The Big Man
  • Trey "Treyblowski" Freed as Engineer
  • Warren "Wardogblacky" Blackie as Navigator


Award nominations[]

Note: An unlisted early cut was submitted to the Brickfilmer's Guild Animation Festival in December 2013.

Year Competition Category Result
2013 Brickfilmer's Guild Animation Festival Best Music Score Nominated
Best Brickfilm with BFG Logo Nominated
2014 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Original Score Nominated