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For the 2002 film of the same name, see SS-5 Moccasin

SS-5 Moccasin is a 2019 submarine brickfilm directed by Patryk Wawer and written by Morley Brenenstuhl and Wawer.[1] It is set in 1906, and follows the submarine SS-5 Moccasin as the crew on board attempt to take out the Spanish battlecruiser Vizcaya.[2] It is a loose remake of Wawer's 2002 brickfilm of the same name.



  • Patryk Wawer - Animator, Co-writer
  • Morley Brenenstuhl - Writer
  • Xzaviaire Sims - Music
  • Alistair Mackey - Voice actor
  • Chazz Ravenelle - Voice actor
  • Trey Freed - Voice actor
  • Zach Macias - Voice actor

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