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For the 2019 film of the same name, see SS-5 Moccasin (2019 film)

SS-5 Moccasin is a 2002 submarine brickfilm by Patryk Wawer.[1] It is about the crew on a submarine in 1903 planning a torpedo strike.[2] A special edition of the film was released in 2003, adding more CG sequences and original theme music by Loïc Desjardins, among other changes.[3]


In 1903, an American submarine with a crew of 7 is on a mission. Captain Owen Hill spots in the distance the Spanish ship they are looking for, and instructs the crew that they will wait until dawn before attacking. The course is set, and the torpedo is loaded. As night falls, it begins to rain.

As they approach the target, the captain gives the crew exact specifications for direction and speed. He orders the submarine to dive and has the torpedo fired at the exact right moment. The Spanish ship is hit, and the crew celebrate a successful mission before setting course for base.[2]



2019 film[]

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In early 2019, Wawer began posting updates on production of a new film also titled SS-5 Moccasin. The film was released in July 2019.