SR Brandon
SR Brandon circa 2016
Also known as
  • StanTheLegoMan
  • Stanley Ray Brandon
Years active
2008 - 2012
Nationality US flag American
Notable works
Associated with

SR Brandon is an American brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for Pizza Ninja and Once Upon a Saturday Afternoon.[2]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2008 Train Stop First Anniversary Edition
2009 22 injuries in 21 seconds
2009 Todd and Randy
2009 Randy's revenge
2009 Western Explosives
2009 Shovels
2009 Trailer for Buried Treasure
2009 Todd and Randy episode 3
2009 LEGO sports car Demonstration
2009 off Road car Demonstration
2010 intersections
2010 Bum vs Bum #1
2010 Backwards Bazooka
2010 Seven Shooter
2010 Hip Security Guard
2010 The Ultimate LEGO Beowulf
2010 The Awesome Guy
2010 Lighting A Fire "Starting A Fire" Animation Challenge entry
2010 Dane Cook Gets Squished by a Laptop
2010 The Marathon Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 8 entry
2011 The Awesome Guy 2
2011 The Unknown
2011 April Fools!
2011 BIM board sports entry "Boardsports" Animation Challenge entry
2011 Dirt. "Digging a hole" Animation Challenge winner
2011 Pizza Ninja
2011 Happy 4th of July!
2011 Unused animation from The Awesome Guy 3
2011 Once Upon a Saturday Afternoon Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2011 second place winner
2011 The Disco Chronicles
2011 MORE unused animation from The Awesome Guy 3
2011 My failed THAC 9 attempt Unfinished Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 9 attempt
2012 Brickfilming is Just Awesome Community project coordinated by Harry Bossert
2012 April Fools! 2

References Edit

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