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Rymdreglage is a Swedish musical duo consisting of Daniel Larsson and Tomas Redigh. They are known for their elaborate stop-motion music videos including a number of brickfilms,[1] and are best known for 8-bit trip. For 9 years, they were working on a sequel, 8-bit trip 2, which was released in 2021.


Year Title Notes
2003 Plasticdudes[2][3][4]
2009 8-bit trip
2010 Raise your little hand
2010 Retard but happy
2010 Raise your little hand inst.
2010 Retard but happy inst.
2010 Kapten Kapital inst.
2010 Kapten Kapital
2010 Kallbrand_inst.
2010 Kallbrand
2010 No retreat no surrender_inst
2011 Brainglass
2012 LEGO Modern Warfare 4
2012 Prisjakt reklamfilm
2013 Retrospelsmässan 2013
2021 8-bit trip 2