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Russell Perry, also known as "BilliardBlockheads", is an American brickfilmer. He was known in the earlier years of YouTube for his Lego Terminator film from 2008 and for his Superhero High series starting from 2007. Most of his filmography is currently unavailable, as his channel was hacked at some point in the second half of the 2010s and the videos were removed.


Year Title Notes
2006 Generic Teen Slasher 142
2006/7? Sour Krauts X [2]
2007 Superhero High 1 The American Candidate
2007 Superhero High 2 A Lunch Table Too Far X
2007 Superhero High 3 There's Something About Peter Petrelli X
2007 Superhero High 4 Lock, Stock, and 2 Guys X
2007 Superhero High 5 Devine Secret of the YaYa Super Sisterhood X
2007 Superhero High 6 a day in the life of Captain Planet X
2007 Superhero High 7 Truth, Justice, and the J Jonah Jameson way X
2007 Superhero High 8 Courtcenter X
2007 Superhero High 09 Stomp Up the Drumline X [3]
2007 Superhero High 10 Things I Hate About Wolverine's After Party X
2007/8? Superhero High 11 Batgirl Begins: Batgirls Just Wanna Have Fun X
2007/8? Superhero High 12 100 Yard Flash X
2007/8? Superhero High 13 Punisher: Hall Monitor Journal X
200? Sour Krauts 2: The Kraut Komeback Klassic X
2008 Lego Terminator part 1/2[4] / part 2/2[5]
2009? Super Hero High 14 The Breakfast Club Sandwich X
2009? Super Hero High 15 The Bat and the Furious X
2009? Super Hero High 16 2 Bat 2 Furious X
2009 Super Hero High 17 Hospital! X [6]
2009 Sour Krauts 3: From Russia With Love X [7]
2010 Super Hero High 18 Back to the Future of Super Hero High X [8]
2010 Super Hero High 19 HEATed Debate X
2010 Super Hero High 20 It's Just a Dog Day Afternoon X [9]