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Russ Jensen is an American brickfilmer. He was an early member of and is known for Vigilante Espionage, Black versus Yellow (a film which received some media attention at the time) and Haunting Gibberish, one of the winners of the Classical Movie Contest.[1]

On November 20, 1999,[2] Russ Jensen and fellow early brickfilmer Kelly Jeffery[3] founded an online brickfilm directory, over a year before the launch of The site was called LEGO Compulsion and asked viewers to submit any brickfilms they had made, as well as including a page on how to make brickfilms. This website appears to have only ever featured 6 brickfilms, and was offline by 2001.[4]


Year Title Notes
1999 LEGO Test
2000 Saber-Oops!
2000 Breakdown Man Unfinished
2001 Matrix Test
2001 Vigilante Espionage: Part 1
2001 Just Mindin' My Business
2001 Black versus Yellow
2001 Haunting Gibberish Classical Movie Contest Best Cinematography winner
2001 Brickfilms Director's Project - Group 2 X
(Minute 4)
Co-production with Brian "Mr.B" Schimke, Conrad Slater and Jason Rowoldt[5]