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Roland Szentesi is a Hungarian brickfilmer. He is known for Da Europeans and The Evilness Begins.


Year Title Notes
2005 Dave's Monday
2005 Bang Bang
2005 About a Wall About a Door parody
2005 Weird Guy, Weird Problem
2005 Rap 'n Zel Rapunzel parody
2005 The Evilness Begins Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest third place winner
2005 Fight Club AO29 Fight Club film
2005 Da Europeans Part I Co-production with Bert Loos
2005 Hello Ween
2005 Sniper Man Test
2005 Sniper Man 3 - Sniper Man Strikes Back[1] lee123's Sniper Man Contest winner
2006 Containment
2007 Da Europeans: The Unfinished Project Co-production with Bert Loos