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Rocketmen vs Robots is a series of brickfilms created by David T. Krupicz. It is set in the future and is about a race of killer robots, the Killbots, waging war on humanity as the Rocketmen attempt to stop them.[1] The series was known for being an early example of fully CG brickfilms, although only the human character models are based on LEGO.[2] Episodes 1 and 2 were screened at the Renderfest 2003 3D animation festival in Toronto, Canada.


Rocketmen vs. Robots (2002)[]

The first film was completed on June 1, 2002. When Captain Green and Crewman Red are sent to investigate the disappearance of patrol ships in a supposedly secure region, they discover a massive hidden Killbot presence. The Killbot leader, Evilbot, prepares an attack on Rocketman Capital City.

Episode 2: Rocketmen Space Patrol (2003)[]

Episode 2 was completed on April 18, 2003. The evil Dr. Monacle acquires deactivated Killbots floating around space and reprograms them in order to attempt to take over a planet to make his homeworld. Captain Green and Crewman Red are sent to investigate the mysterious new Killbot attacks.

Feat4 Episode 3: Rocketmen Timecube (2004)[]

Episode 3 was completed on January 25, 2004. The Rocketmen pursue Dr. Monacle to the garbage planet where he is building a new cyborg army.

Episode 4: Rocketmen Zero (2004)[]

Episode 4 was completed on October 21, 2004. It is a direct continuation from episode 3, and through time travel, it also serves as a prequel to the series.