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Robot Hunter is a 2010 sci-fi brickfilm by Jordan Harris.[1] It follows a professional hunter of robots gone rogue, who is hired for a job.[2] It was created for the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 7, in which it won third place.[3]


In a society with robots, it is inevitable that some of them will malfunction, and so there are robot hunters who are paid to destroy robots gone rogue. In this state, robots' eyes glow red, and they usually hunt their creator.

At Robotics Laboratories, a robot hunter is given a job by a scientist who is being hunted by one of his androids that has gone rogue. The robot hunter enacts his usual plan to have the robot follow him instead of its creator.

The robot hunter, wearing the clothes of the scientist, sits on an overhead train in the city. A woman enters the carriage and sits next to him. The hunter tries to make small talk but the woman's eyes glow red, revealing her to be the rogue android. She throws the hunters through the wall of the train, but as he falls through the air, the hunter manages to land a shot on her. The hunter lands in a large vat of paint.[2]