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Robinson Wood is an American visual artist. He is known in brickfilming for Frankenstein from 2005 and Grace from 2006; two contest-winning brickfilms that are considered to have greatly exceeded the standards of their time.[1] He inspired the creation of the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest after a discussion following his proposal of a one-hour animation contest.[2]


Year Title Notes
2004 YET ANOTHER Thief Film X
2004 A Man's Adventure[3]
2004 The Fun House A Peculiar Event Contest entry
2004 Sword Fight
2004 One Eyed Man Video Signature
2004 The Two Frame Movie
2004 Death by Psychological Abuse Fight Club Contest entry
2004 Ultimate Agent Smith Fight Scene
2004 Guy's Day and Girl's Day Ad
2004 Too Late 10 Brick Contest entry
2004 A Nosniborus Christmas
2005 Anne Frank in Bricks[4] Anne Frank in Bricks Challenge entry
2005 1 hour Inspiration for the creation of the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest
2005 Valentine[5]
2005 Flux & Strength-Man! Co-production with Toph Beach
Heroes and Villains Contest entry[6]
2005 Frankenstein Heroes and Villains Contest first place winner
2006 System Reboot Co-production with Joshua Leasure
Nadine and Charlie Music Video Competition entry
2006 Grace Fame, Infamy and Glory Contest first place winner
2006 Melodramedy Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 2 Judges' Choice third place winner and disqualified Entrants' Choice first place winner