Rick & Tom Go to the FUTURE
Tom and Rick arrive in the future with the time traveller
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Released July 19, 2007
"Krick Films"
Running time
Language English
Created for IDEA Contest

Part of the Rick & Tom series
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The Krick Films Halloween Special Dogs With Guns

Rick & Tom Go to the FUTURE is a 2007 dynamic duo comedy brickfilm by "Krick Films". It is the second film in the Rick & Tom series and is about Rick and Tom being brought to the future to fight off a dinosaur invasion.[1] It was an entry to the Inventions, Discoveries and Extraordinary Achievements Contest and ultimately placed tenth.[2]


Rick enters his room and is surprised to find Tom inside, paying for sitcoms on Rick's cable service. Suddenly, a man in a futuristic suit pops into the room and asks for Harrison Ford, whom Rick and Tom both claim to be. The man explains that they must come 1000 years into the future to kill dinosaurs who had been hiding underground and are attacking the earth, and Tom eagerly agrees.

In the future, they find the dinosaurs eating civilians, so Tom excitedly begins shooting them. Rick gets an idea and asks to see the future man's time-travelling device. He then takes the dinosaurs back to his time and sets up 'Rick's Jungle Dinosaur Safari Hunting Expedition', which becomes a success and is proclaimed by Tom to be "an extraordinary achievement!"[1]

Award Nominations Edit

Krick's performance in the film as the man from the future gained him a nomination for Best Voice Actor in the 2007 BAFAs.[3]

References Edit

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