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Riccardo Stefanelli is an Italian brickfilmer.[1] He is known for brickfilms including LEGO Daredevil goes to the wrong confessional, LEGO Ana de Armas 2049, and "Finding Trauma".


Year Title Notes
2020 sto tutto FeelsLegoMan
2021 Anakin's New Lightsaber
2021 Ciao Dada, ho ricreato il tuo primo Reel in Stop Motion con una Minifigure Lego, spero ti piaccia! widepeepoHappy
2021 Loki in LEGO / Side by Side Version
2021 Dario Moccia & Mangaka96 - Lego Short
2021 Stan Lee - Lego Stop Motion Tribute
2021 Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer IN LEGO / Side by Side Version / Italian Version
2022 Supereroi - Dario Lego Short
2022 LEGO Moon Knight Parody
2022 Luca, Lucilla e la Nonnina - Dario Lego Short
2022 Vai con Dio Spider-Man! - Dario Lego Shorts
2022 Clean My Bricks Advertisement for
2022 LEGO James Bond Accidentally Kills Someone
2022 LEGO Overwatch Tracer Stop Motion
2022 LEGO FLASHBACK - Dario Moccia
2022 Milan Games Week 2022
2022 LEGO James Gunn wishes you a Wonderful Christmas!
2023 Tales Of The Jedi Trailer in LEGO Co-production with "PORG STUDIOS", "JadeDragonFilms", Liam "Studio LD" David, "Gonk", "Loft Studios", Joel Meyer, "SamashBrickProductions", "JDiddy Productions", and Lewis Townley
2023 LEGO Spider-Man must show MJ something important
2023 LEGO Hogwarts Legacy be like
2023 LEGO Ana de Armas 2049
2023 LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 - PUMP IT UP!
2023 Butcher and Homelander face off goes wrong
2023 "Finding Trauma"
2023 LEGO Nirvana MTV Unplugged in New York
2023 LEGO Daredevil goes to the wrong confessional
2023 Lego Home Alone: Kevin Wants To Play A Game Written by Kyle Riggins
2024 LEGO JIMMI&NASH - La Coca Cola
2024 Lego Tobey Maguire Spider-Man demonstrates his formidable powers