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Resolute is a 2015 comedy drama brickfilm by Zach Macias.[1] It is the ninth film in the Ben and Andy series and follows Ben as he tries to keep his New Year's resolutions.[2] It was originally planned to be entered into the THAC XII contest, but was not completed within the twenty-four hour period.[3]


Ben monologues about the new year, saying that he will start jogging, working out, and eating healthy. Andy cuts him off mid-monologue, saying that his resolve will not last. But Ben is convinced that, this time, the change will stick. The next day has Ben going out jogging, working out in the gym, and buying healthy food. The day after that, Saturday, has Ben getting up late and then playing video games. Andy says that he was right, but Ben insists that he can take breaks on weekends. Andy says he is leaving to get food, and Ben asks him to get him some chicken nuggets.[2]



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