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Resident Evil is a 2004 horror brickfilm by Sebastian Gaffrey and Patrick Ponschek. It is based on the video game series of the same name, and it follows the events of a zombie outbreak in Raccoon City.[1] It was created with LEGO Studios, and it was the directors' first brickfilm.[2][3]


It seems like a peaceful day in Raccoon City, when suddenly zombies appear and begin to attack. The army is called in and lands a helicopter on a rooftop, but the troops are soon overpowered by the zombies. Police officers set up a blockade on a road and battle an oncoming horde.

1 mile outside the city, a police officer, Johanna, drives towards the scene. When she arrives, she finds the city desolate and bodies on the ground, and wonders what is happening. Zombies begin to approach and she flees into a sewer. Elsewhere, another police officer, Nick, enters a train station. He is attracted by the sound of a ringing phone and enters an underground passage scattered with bodies. He answers the phone, but the bodies begin to get up and chase him out. He keeps running until he is cornered in an alley, but Johanna appears on the other side of the wall and helps him over.

Johanna asks Nick what has happened to the city, and he explains how his unit was called in to take care of civilians gone mad but were quickly overrun. A truck with a dead driver comes rolling down the road and crashes into a building, and the officers search it, finding a shotgun. Hordes of zombies approach, and Nick prepares to put the shotgun to use.[1]


  • Frank Piratereneti as Nick Belmodo
  • Betty Kräuterbutter as Johanna Lone
  • Sebastian Gaffrey
  • Viktoria Gaffrey
  • Patrick Ponschek
  • Ralf Ponschek


  • Sebastian Gaffrey - Director
  • Patrick Ponschek - Director
  • Guido Essmann - Special thanks
  • Peter Kaltmeier - Special thanks
  • Andre Ponschek - Special thanks