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Reputation is a 2007 medieval comedy brickfilm by Colin Boyle. It is about a knight, Shawn, who wishes to gain a warrior's reputation and journeys to rescue a princess from a dragon.[1] It was an entry into the Inventions, Discoveries and Extraordinary Achievements Contest and placed fifth overall.[2]


The knight Shawn complains to his half-ling companion Beetroot that he spent years training to become a knight, only for peace to soon come about in the land. With nothing to do, he wonders how he will ever achieve a warrior's reputation, when a peasant arrives to tell him that an attractive princess has been kidnapped by a dragon. The peasant mentions a golden bridge to the land of the dragons guarded by a golden knight, and Shawn and Beetroot set off in search the princess.

They arrive at the golden bridge and are surprised when the golden knight allows them to pass without any resistance. Shawn is disappointed to miss the opportunity to battle and gain reputation, and they cross the bridge into the land of the dragons. They find two dragons and ask for the whereabouts of the princess, whereupon the dragons point in the direction of a menacing dragon, Ronny, who is just to the side.

Shawn, looking forward to a fight, threatens violence if Ronny will not hand over the princess, Gwendolyn. Ronny refuses but wishes no harm to come to the princess, which surprises Shawn. Gwendolyn explains that she is in love with Ronny but they had to stage a kidnapping to be together as her father does not approve of "interracial" marriage. Ronny tells Shawn to leave peacefully or else be remembered as the bigot who slay a dragon over not agreeing with his marriage, so Beetroot instead suggests helping old ladies across the street to gain reputation.[1]


Award Nominations[]

Reputation was nominated for three awards in the 2007 BAFAs. Chris Salt's performance as Shawn gained the nomination for Best Vocal Performance.[3]

Year Competition Category Result
2007 Brick Award for Film Arts Best Screenplay Nominated
Best Vocal Performance Nominated
Best Ensemble Cast Nominated