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Reminiscence is a 2007 drama brickfilm produced by Henry Shew and Mark Shew and written by Emily Yu.[1][2] It is about a girl who arrives at a grave and begins to reflect on the past events of her life.[3]



The sets are modeled after real locations in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, a girl travels to a graveyard. She arrives at the grave of a man, and she begins to reminisce about past events. She recalls how during a visit to a pet shop, she first met this man, and their meeting led them to become a couple.

She remembers how one day, when leaving a karaoke bar together, they were threatened by a mugger with a knife. The man fought off the mugger, but as the couple walked away, the mugger took out a gun and shot the man, killing him. The woman places a rose on the man's grave before leaving.[3]


  • Emily Yu - Script writer
  • Henry Shew - Director
  • Mark Shew - Producer
  • Jeremy Li, Marc Feng, Joseph Chan, Christian Popovici - Special thanks