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Remake is a 2008 drama brickfilm by Mirko Horstmann about a man who receives inspiration after viewing a film in the theatre.[1] The film within Remake is an homage to silent-era Zorro films,[2] and the movement of the characters within is based on the frame-by-frame photography of motion-picture pioneer Eadweard Muybridge.[3] Remake was created for Steinerei 2008 and won the Jury Prize.[4]


As a man walks through a town, he spots a woman standing on a balcony and pauses to look at her, and she looks back. He continues on his way and arrives at the cinema, where a film titled Don Domingo: Rächer der Armen is playing.

In this film, Don Domingo rides towards a tower until he is stopped by a foe, who exclaims, "You scoundrel! Stay away from Señorita Margarita!". The two duel and Domingo knocks his opponent's sword out of his hand. He then runs up a staircase to the balcony of the tower, where Señorita Margarita is standing. Domingo offers her a flower, and a love heart appears.

As the man leaves the theatre, bricks begin to spill out from it and follow him. The woman on the balcony observes as he runs in circles from the bricks, but he then gets an idea. The man stops the bricks and points to the balcony, at which point they assemble themselves into a staircase up to it. Mimicking Don Domingo, the man heads up the staircase and presents the woman on the balcony with a flower.[1]

In the media[]


Mirko and Remake in the news

Mirko Horstmann and Remake were featured in an article in the Weser-Kurier newspaper on January 1, 2009. This article reported on the success of the film at Steinerei 2008 and also on how the Filmkunst Theater in Bremen, Germany was showing it as a preview before feature presentations.[2]