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Red Eye is a 2012 sci-fi brickfilm by Jonathan Vaughan.[1] It is the sequel to Green Eye from 2011, and it follows Detective Marty Marlowe as he has mysterious problems with his vision.[2] It was created for the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest X, in which it placed seventh. It is currently the final film released set in the Abduction universe.


Detective Marty Malowe explains to a doctor that he woke up a few nights previously feeling lifeless and plastic, and that his eyes began to see only green. He had eaten at a disgusting sushi place after being given a coupon by Victoria Vegas, whom he had met at a party while investigating one in a series of murders.

Out of Marty's view, the doctor briefly removes his plastic head to take a drink, revealing he is an alien. He has a stack of plastic head disguises, including that of Victoria Vegas. Marty goes on to explain that he can't remember what color looks like, and the doctor recommends that he stays at their facility. Marty is put in to a containment pod, and the doctor phones Jim Stingle to tell him that they have Marty.[2]


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