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The Red Brick Saga is a brickfilm series by Paganomation. It encompasses four 35-second commercials in which a red 2x4 brick travels through the world of a different LEGO theme, to tie in with the tagline "The adventure begins with just one brick".[1] The series was commissioned by The LEGO Group to be aired on Nickelodeon, and all four commericals originally aired on July 25, 2011.[2] The series began production in March 2011, and was created in three months. All four of the films were also screened at the 2012 BrickFlix LEGO Film Festival.[3]


Red Brick Saga #1 - Pirates of the Caribbean
"The first spot in the “Red Brick Saga” finds Captain Jack Sparrow dodging the attacks of his mincing foes, in order to protect his new-found treasure—a shiny red LEGO brick."

Red Brick Saga #2 - Harry Potter
"The second “Red Brick Saga” spot features the Hogwarts campus and its residents being hassled by a somewhat troublesome Red Brick."

Red Brick Saga #3 - Alien Conquest
"Number three in our series of “Red Brick Saga” spots posits the idea that the elusive Red Brick is not of this earth, as it is sought after by both humans and extra terrestrials alike."

Red Brick Saga #4 - Star Wars
"The fourth and final “Red Brick Saga” spot gives us a look at how the events of “A New Hope” might have played out in an alternate timeline. (This definitely qualifies as “N-canon”.)"


The LEGO Group

  • Greg Hyland - Storyboards
  • Roger Cameron - Creative manager
  • Scott Decoteau - Art director
  • Laura Blais - Project manager
  • Tapeworks Inc. - Sound


  • Mick Bouschor - Design, Animation, Effects
  • Erin Natal - Design, Animation, Effects
  • David Pagano - Design, Animation, Effects
  • Jeff Wallenhorst - Design, Animation, Effects
  • Sarah Wickliffe - Design, Animation, Effects

Special thanks

Behind the scenes[]




Red Brick Saga #1 - Pirates of the Caribbean received an award for Excellence in Animation at the 2012 ASIFA-East Animation Awards, in the category Commissioned Under Two Minutes.[5]